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Christmas Shopping 101: Stocking Stuffers

Christmas Shopping 101: Stocking Stuffers

Posted by Julia McDonald on 2017 Nov 30th

The boutique has recently become bombarded with adorable gift items and I, for one, am all for it! Although this time of year is my absolute favourite, it has a reputation for bringing up a significant amount of stress for most. Gift giving can be seen as a bit of a challenge at times, especially when you have no clue what to buy for a certain person. This being said, I can say with the utmost confidence that we have the women in your life covered! 

We are constantly getting new girly gift items in, which also means that I am constantly purchasing things to take home and wrap up for my mom, sister or girlfriends. My job is to make the Christmas [shopping] season a little bit easier for all of you that stop by the boutique! Gayle has carefully handpicked all these beautiful gift items and you’re likely to fall in love with more than one and you may have a hard time giving them away! And so, I behold  to you a few of my favourite stocking stuffer items in the boutique at the moment, that I am absolutely certain your gift recipient will adore.

Katie Loxton symbol bracelets - $29.95 in store 

These little bracelets are the cutest and the easiest gift for you to give. We have close to 20 different little symbols to choose from, assuring that you will be able to find the perfect one. Katie Loxton makes it effortless to give an especially personalized gift with these symbolic bracelets that come all the way from the London.

Voluspa - Blond Tabac petite tin $12.00 in store and online

Voluspa - Macaron petite $13.00 in store 

Candles are such a good go-to! I could receive a million and one candles and I would still be over the moon to receive each and every one of them. The great thing about Voluspa candles is that they produce each scent in a variety of sizes. These little single wick tins and jars are the perfect size to stuff in a stocking!

PS. In case you were wondering….. Macaron and Bourbon Vanille are my favourite Volsupa scents! Both of which we carry at the boutique.

CLICK HERE to see these online

Winky Lux Lip Velour In the colour “dirty love” $20.00 in store and online 

Lipstick is an easy item to pick out for the makeup lovers, and especially a classic red such as this shade. The formula of this gorgeous line of matte lipsticks is beautiful to wear and even better knowing that the brand is cruelty-free and sustainably produced. In store and online we carry a variety of the shades as well as the eyeshadow palette, strobing balm and lip gloss.

CLICK HERE to see these online

Tocca hand cream – ‘Bianca’ $24.00 in store and online 

Tocca’s entire collection is so perfect for gift giving. The brand is very elegant and luxurious and hand creams in general are such a good mom gift. Ha! I feel that giving pampering themed gifts are the cutest, and especially perfect for moms. What mom isn’t in need of pampering???

CLICK HERE to see these online

Shiraleah zip pouch - $19.00 in store 

This is a new item in the boutique and I am simply obsessed. This is a super practical item being that it has multiple spaces for your endless number of cards, a little zippered change pouch in the top and it’s a keychain. I adore fashion, but I REALLY adore fashion when its combined with practicality. We have this perfect item at the boutique in pink (pictured), orange/red and silver.

Hanky Panky Original Lace Thong - $25.00 in store 

The packaging for Hanky Panky makes these thongs the perfect little stocking stuffer! Being one size fits all, all that you have to do is pick the colour. Come by the boutique to get them all wrapped in ribbon, looking cute as a button!

And for the men in your life:

Saxx Vibe Boxer Brief - $32.00 at Boutique Blanche Intimates

Saxx produces men's briefs that can't seem to stay on the shelves, and although I can't necessarily vouch for them I can assure you how wildly popular they are among men. The little box they come in are the perfect size for a stocking and the Intimates store just got their shipment of Christmas prints that come in the most popular styles.

Stay tuned for further blog posts and gift ideas...

We look forward to seeing you stop by the Boutique!